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Veterinary Surgeon, Chartered Biologist, Rotarian (Past President & current Secretary of the Pembroke Club), Ex-Round Tabler (Chairman and President (thrice) of Pembroke 637), Director of the Federation of Welsh Anglers Ltd., Chairman of the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers (W.F.S.A.) & Welsh International Sea Angler. W.F.S.A. Boat Squad, representing Wales at the World Championships in Belgium 2007. European Federation of Sea Anglers (E.F.S.A.) Welsh Shore & Boat Teams, former National (Netherland Dwarf) Rabbit Judge and Chairman of the West of England & South Wales Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club, long time Manchester City and Lancashire County Cricket Club supporter (also one time Junior Member), all round thoroughly good egg and now supposed head of the O'Connor (North Kerry) Clan.

A selection of some of the animals I like to treat.

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Professional Information


Dr J. A. O'Connor, Ph.D., B.Sc. (Hons), B.V.Sc., C.Biol., M.I.Biol., M.R.C.V.S.


Degrees and Qualifications.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Cellular Pathology - Bristol 1974.

Bachelor of Veterinary Science - Bristol 1976.

Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons - 1976.

Member of the Institute of Biologists - 1979.

Chatered Biologist - 1979.

Doctor of Philosophy (Orthopaedics) - Bristol 1981.

Appointed Local Veterinary Inspector (L.V.I.) - 1982

Qualified as Official Veterinary Surgeon (O.V.S.) - White Meat - 1994

Level 2 Certificate in the Welfare of Animals during Transport - 2008



Modification by Cycloheximide of the effects of acute Ethionine intoxication of the Hepatocyte of the male rat. An Electron Microscope study. (University of Bristol, 1974).

Mechanically adaptive remodelling in bone. (University of Bristol, 1981)


Scientific Publications.


Modification of toxic liver injury in the rat. III. Fine structure of hepatocytes during cycloheximide protection and autoprotection in acute ethionine intoxication.

Toxicology and applied pharmacology 35, 423 - 436



The importance of physiological relevance in biomechanical experiments.

Journal of Biomechanics 10, 611 - 612



A technique for investigating the response of bone to changes in its mechanical environment.

Journal of Physiology 277 Apr, 39p



The effect of externally applied loads on bone remodelling in the radius of the sheep.

In “Mechanical factors and the Skeleton”. Edited by Ian F. Stokes, John Libbey, London.



The stimulus for mechanically adaptive bone remodelling.

In “Osteoporosis”. Edited by Menczel, J., Makin, R.M. & Steinberg. J.


O’CONNOR, J.A., LANYON, L.E. & MACFIE, H. (1982)

The influence of strain rate on adaptive bone remodelling.

Journal of Biomechanics 15, 767 – 781


Mixed General Practice. (1982-2004) From Assistant to Principal & Sole Proprietor

South Pembrokeshire (Pembroke, Milford Haven and Kilgetty) - Three full time Vets & one part time - 80% Dogs and Cats with 20% Farm Animals.

Special Interests (Small Animal only) - Orthopaedics, Dentistry, Dermatology, Cardiology and Geriatrics.

Other Species of Special Interest - Rabbits and Badgers.


  Pembroke              Milford Haven            Kilgetty


Now part time Official Veterinary Surgeon, Pembrokeshire County Council - Animal Welfare, Licensing etc.

Also available for other work - Advice, Consultant, Expert Witness etc.


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Hot List

  Federation of Welsh Anglers        Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers

  Manchester City Football Club    The Craggy Island Examiner

  Fishing in Wales                           The Fast Show

  Mark Knopfler                                Cousin Dave's Page

  Rotary International                      Rotary International of Britain & ireland          

  Round Table of Britain & Ireland  European Federation of Sea Anglers

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Contact Information

Shunters Lodge, Llanycefn, Clunderwen, Pembrokeshire, Wales, SA66 7LL.

Telephone 0044 (0) 1437 563552       or       0044 (0) 7774 250260

Map of Pembrokeshire showing the location of the Surgeries.

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Practice History

The practice was founded in 1939 when Peter Drewett, now deceased, but still living in Pembroke, who qualified in Dublin in 1938 and whose daughter was also a Veterinary Surgeon, but practised in Devon, came as an assistant to Mr. Brecon-Rees of Tenby who was only interested in horses. Up until that time no Veterinary Surgeon had been able to make a living in Pembroke and most of the farm work was done by a Blacksmith on horseback. The war brought prosperity to Agriculture and by 1945 Peter Drewett had an extensive farm practice across South Pembrokeshire based at 89, Main Street, Pembroke.

Soon after this, Peter Davies, son of Davies, Trefalon Farm, Bosherston, Pembroke, came and set up in Narberth. He was joined by David Bowen, now deceased, whose brother John, also deceased, had a practice in St. Clears, first as an assistant and then as his partner, who operated from separate premises in Tenby. Peter Davies had many relations across South Pembrokeshire and thus many clients singing their praises and some of these very large families played a big part in David Bowen's success, to the extent that they stayed with him after he and Peter Davies went their separate ways. Even now, at local Farmer's Club functions, they all tend to sit together. Furthermore, due to the proximity of Pembroke to Tenby, David Bowen's outgoing personality, low fees, very hard work, as he employed nobody for years and, as David always said, canvassing, the Tenby practice, inherited by his son John and now run by Chris Williams and Ashley, was well established prior to the arrival of Peter Drewett's eventual successor in 1955, Gerald Hudson, fresh from Liverpool University.

Peter Drewett employed a series of assistants, often two at a time, who had no intention of staying, nor were there prospects of them so doing. He stuck to many of the old fashioned ways like aloofness, suit, collar and tie, an unwillingness to talk and explain things, and sending accounts quarterly of one sum, the only description being:- "To Professional Services". Clients were lost steadily. However, things did stabilise eventually, when Gerald Hudson settled, bought into the practice and then succeeded Peter Drewett when he retired in 1973. It was Gerald Hudson, during the Drewett and Hudson era, now just up the road at 91, Main Street, who founded the Kilgetty branch at his house "Cleveland", in Begelly, where he still lives, having retired in 1993. He decided that North East, ironically being the direction from whence he came (Cleveland), was the only direction offering any avenue of expansion, Pembroke being surrounded by water on three sides. It was also around this time that a branch was established at 8, Bush Street, Pembroke Dock. Unfortunately both these branches had to close following Gerald Hudson's retirement as he owned the buildings and replacement premises could not be found.

Again a period of instability ensued as Michael Downey, a partner for a short while following Peter Drewett's retirement, was succeeded by a number of assistants, including John Hodgkin and John Parham, until John Campbell, shortly followed by Graham Goodrich came and stayed becoming partners. John Hodgkin now has a computer firm "Rainbow Systems" and is the author of the Vetwise computor system which the practice both helped him develop and now uses. I came back to Pembroke in January 1982 and joined the practice, becoming a partner in 1983, replacing John Campbell who left to join the M.A.F.F. The Milford Haven branch was established in May 1986 with the purchase of premises at Imperial Building, Great North Road, and the arrival of Jos Cooper from Skegness where he had practiced since qualifying. He, like myself, was also a local boy, in that he spent most of his youth at Treforce Farm, Merrion, in the occupancy of his Uncle and Aunt, and indeed spent a lot of time seeing practice with Drewett and Hudson. In 1988, Mike Stalbow, the resident Vet in Milford for countless years, retired and since his ex-partners at the Oak practice in Haverfordwest, where he also had a branch, did not wish to continue with the Milford connection, his practice was absorbed into ours.

In 1990, the practice, especially on the Small Animal side, had fast outgrown its rather cramped premises at 91, Main Street and so at great expense vast premises were purchased and converted at our present location, 13, East Back. This, ironically was just prior to the 90's slump in property prices and put great pressure on the practice finances as there were now four partners and families to support. Further problems were to follow Gerald Hudson's retirement in 1993 in that the succeeding Principal, Graham Goodrich, decided in 1994 that he would be financially better off if he struck out on his own and so the less than gentlemanly soul set up in his house across the road at 85, Main Street. During this O'Connor and Cooper period, due to the increasing number of people retiring with their pets to the Saundersfoot and Tenby areas, it was decided to re-establish the Kilgetty connection and the branch was re-opened in January 1996 at the present location, Streamline House. Fortuitously, not long after this, the Whitland practice closed the small branch it had operated in Saundersfoot for some years and since then the Kilgetty branch has gone from strength to strength.

In 1998, having struggled with just two Vets for a year or so, we were joined by my wife Alison, who had for many years done days and sessions in the practice but was then lecturing at Pembrokeshire College. Unfortunately, shortly after this, Jos Cooper, whose fitness had been giving him trouble for some time, felt he could go on no longer and he was forced to retire through ill health. Unfortunately, his retirement was short-lived, his ill health cutting short his life at the young age of 63 in June 2002. Thus, in 1998, the practice had in some ways gone full circle in that it was back where it started as it was now, once again, back in the ownership of a sole proprietor - me - Dr. J.A.O'Connor backed up by my wife, just as Peter Drewett must have been in his early days except that I had the advantage of having married well, in that I had a Vet for a wife. However, it was not long before we were able to secure the services of Marie O'Halloran, now Evans , having married a local farmer, a Dublin graduate with 4 years experience, 2 in Large Animal practice in St. Clears with Mitchell and Morgan; and 2 in Cardiff with the P.D.S.A. She, as luck would have it, lived locally in Red Roses and was looking for a post in the locality, having become a bit fed up with all the travelling between here and Cardiff.

In 2000, we were joined part time by Jennifer Griffiths, like myself, also married to a Vet, but who works for the Ministry of Agriculture. She is also an experienced General Practitioner, having again worked in the locality and as luck would have it, she had just moved from her Whitland home to Kilgetty. In 2001, Mike Howe also joined the practice, again part time and with local connections, having previously worked in practice in Haverfordwest. He is also married to a local girl who has family connections both with the Veterinary Profession in Pembrokeshire and with some of the practice's farm clients. He was very experienced especially in the Equine field, having been a partner in a high powered Equine practice in Newbury. He was also the editor and part owner of the magazine "UK Vet", as well as part owning the firm "Celtic Vet" and being part of NADIS a national group surveying the occurrence of disease in animals. Thus, having spread himself too thinly, it was no surprise when he left in November 2003 but he still maintains close contact with us. Also leaving us that year was Mrs H. Muriel Thomas, our typically English, (did you know that the Pembroke Farmers Club, when asked to sing the National Anthem at their events, sing God Save The Queen!!!), old retainer, who was ever present years before I joined.

So, the practice was once again stable and profitable. This enabled me to withdraw from Weekend work, employing locums to increase my time off. One, Leen Jobse, at 57, (older than me!) loved coming over from Holland when he could and if coincidences could kill, he lives where I went to fish the European Shore Championships in 2000! However, this situation was not to last long as 2004 was spent, unsuccessfully, trying to entice someone to Pembrokeshire to come in as my partner and then succeed me in the practice. In view of ever escalating house prices at the time they would have to have been very well off in order to do it and in fairness there was a couple, Vet and Vet Nurse, who would have liked to but, they were too slow, for me, to commit and they wanted to drop all the farm clients, which I was not willing to do, at that time. But, come November 2004, I'd had enough of the Sole Prorietor's life, it was either get out or an alternative didn't bear thinking about, my frame of mind being so poor at the time, in other ways of life I believe they call it Executive burn out. Normally, I would feel down and pretty low towards the end of each summer, but going away to fish the European Boat Championships would cheer me up and I'd be back fit and ready once again for any challenges ahead. In Autumn 2004, for the first time ever, this was not the case so the decision was made to sell the practice. I'd already been approached earlier by a prospective purchaser when they got a whiff of me trying to get someone in to eventually take over. Yes, I sold, much to some of my very loyal and long standing staff's chagrin, tears and tantrums, to the successor in Mr Goodrich's breakaway practice, Mrs Jayne Lloyd Woods of the now Kingston House Veterinary Practice, Goodrich having retired in 2002 and then moved away. However, prior to his leaving, which was not long after he discovered a murdered woman on his front path one morning, enough to unsettle anybody, there was a rumour that he was going to do to Jayne what he did to myself and Joss in 1994 and set up a Homeopathic only practice, so he said (in 1994 it was going to be the same plus Large Animals only), in his home, again across the road from a practice he had left, having, this time, sold it. It would seem that people from the shallow end of the morality pool and Leopards don't change their spots. So, on the 1st November 2004, things had come full circle and their was just one Veterinary Practice again in Pembroke, but this time with a branch in Milford Haven as well as Kilgetty.

And so the present chapter of my life began and is fairly settled and happy though with the credit crunch of 2008, who knows the future. However, very pleased to have been the Expert Consultant on the Welsh Assembly Government's project, in 2009, carried out by Pembrokeshire County Council, for which they won an award, into updating the legislation and improving the welfare, pertaining to Dog Breeding, in Wales often referred to as puppy farming and to have won the prize for the best inspection report of a riding establishment at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons' 5 yearly, refresher course held at Newbury Racecourse in June 2010

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Biographical Information

Born in Haverfordwest in June 1952, the eldest of 3 boys and 2 girls (In 2008, Bernard in Accrington, Mary in Portadown, Patrick, a Doctor in Dublin and Annette in Derry).

Mother, Jocelyn Marie (Nee Davies-Peck), born in Withington, Manchester in November 1924 and, following the separation of her parents, reared in St. Martha's Convent, Rottingdean, Sussex with her brother Michael. Elder brother Tony, a Second World War Hero in the SAS behind enemy lines in France, by only one year, brought up by Bernardo's in one of their homes at Harpenden. Their father, Frank Peck did try to adopt them but was turned down as they were Catholic and Frank, a First World War Hero in the trenches, was a Protestant. Sadly, she died on January 31st 1989 and is buried in Sessiaghoniell, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal. Bernard has the more complete history and did nearly all the research. Suffice it to say, Tony's son and daughter, cousins Tony and Dawn live in Glynneath and Weymouth, respectively, Michael, despite marrying again, after being widowed early, was without issue and his second wife Margaret, living in Crawley, survives him, that all this history of Mum only came to light in the past few years, we all being ignorant of it until then as nobody talked about it.

Father, Dr. Cornelius Anthony O'Connor, born on 13th June 1923 at Gortdromasillihy in Moyvane (then Newtownsandes), Co. Kerry (seeNewtownsandes on line and Jer Kennelly's photo album) son of Jack O'Connor and Annie Finucane and reared, firstly in Kerry until the age of 11 and then on Hoeyfield Farm, Delgany, Co. Wicklow, with his 3 brothers and 3 sisters (in 2008, Maura, Eileen and Sean still alive), some early history of Hoeyfield can be found at . They had to leave kerry in 1934 for the reason, so the tales are told, that Grandad's sister Kathleen had married a protestant. In 1952 he was a Medical G.P. with a practice in Pembroke Dock and although he left in 1963 the family link continues as a cousin, Noleen Evans (nee Finucane) is married to a current practice member, Dr. Andrew Evans. Following a severe brain illness (Herpes Simplex Encephalitis) in 1982 Dad retired and resided with Mum in the family home at Sessiaghoniell, Ballybofey, County Donegal. However, with Mum dying in 1989, not long after Lockerbie, Mary moved in to look after him until he went to live with Annette Brian and their six children in Derry. Regrettably, he died on January 17th 2004, aged 80 years and is buried with Mum. A Finucane family history was compiled by Cousin Brian Sheehan son of Dad's eldest sister Maighread and Pat Sheehan. Brian and his twin brother Kieran did all the research.

Initially educated at Tenby Convent, followed by Miss Mollie Davies's private school at her house in Pembroke Dock, where she still lives, and then up to the 11 plus at St. Mary's, Pembroke Dock, where I was a founder pupil. Following the family's move to the Manchester Area on July 15th 1963, Denton first, then Bramhall and finally to Heaton Moor, I attended Xaverian College in Rusholme from September 1963 to April 1966 before being packed off to boarding school at Belmont Abbey in Hereford, where I gained 10 'O' levels in1967, an 'A' level, grade E in Mathematics and 'AO' level in English in 1968 and 'A' levels in Chemistry(B), Physics(C) and Biology(C) in June1969. Whilst at Belmont, at various times and ages, I represented both the School and Hereford County at the High Jump, represented the School at Rugby, Cricket, Soccer and Captained the Chess Team. I left in July 1969, having gained places at both Trinity College, Dublin, starting in October 1969, and Bristol University, starting in October 1970, to read Veterinary Science.

Dublin was rejected, as the first year, effectively, was repeating 'A' levels, in favour of Bristol. This intervening year out, all the rage these days, was spent firstly working in the Sales Office for Allied Ironfounders(June), makers of the Aga & Rayburn(now Glynwed Appliances), as I had in fact done all the previous summer, then in Bray/Greystones(July-October) working as a labourer for my builder cousin Eric Finucane, followed by shelf stacking at The Maypole(now Somerfield) in Stockport(October-December) and finally as a farm labourer for Garner Bros Farms in Woodford(January- September), having spent Christmas and New Year in Monsall Isolation Hospital with a particularily nasty dose of Glandular Fever. During the University holidays, from the beginning of the summer in 1971 to the end of the summer in 1974, I was fortunate in that I had a job to go home to as a mechanic/body builder for Leigh Bros at their one of their garages in Heaton Mersey, Romily or Stockport. Although this was six and a half days per week, this was supplemented by working the evening shift for Cantrell & Cochrane(summer 1973) in their soft drinks bottling plant in Stockport and for Bass Charrington(summer 1974) at the Phoenix Pub in Oxford Road, Manchester, in both cases this was four evenings each week.

This all came to an end in the Autumn of 1974 when the family made it's final move to Ballybofey in County Donegal. The few holidays left, prior to qualification as a Veterinary Surgeon in 1976, apart from Christmas 1975, which I spent working in an Abattoir in Carrigans, were spent unashamedly enjoying myself in that wonderful county. My first Veterinary post was as a locum in General Practice with Roy Dunwell in Stourbridge during the summer of 1976 before returning to Bristol University to take up a research assistant's post in the Department of Anatomy under Lance Lanyon, now Principal of the Royal Veterinary College. This involved 5 years of Research into "Osteoarthritis" and "Bone Remodelling in response to it's mechanical environment" leading to a Doctorate, funded first by The Arthritis and Rheumatism Council and then by The Wellcome Foundation, and Demonstrating/Teaching Anatomy. During this time the Wolf was kept from the door by doing Locums in Bristol, mainly in the practices of Freeman & Ballantine, later to be Freeman,Wills & Townsend and John Hoare. This was great and I must say very enjoyable until the final year or so of my Studies when, unfortunately, a real misery and killjoy was appointed to the chair of Anatomy. He did not approve of the time honoured tradition of Veterinary qualified staff keeping their hand in and supplementing their paltrey wages by undertaking outside work. In the face of such poor man management and deterioration in the internal politics I was disillusioned with the pursuance of an Academic Career and thus took up the offer of a post back home in Pembrokeshire, where I still reside, in January 1982, with Gerald Hudson.

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Angling Section

Director of the Federation of Welsh Anglers.

Chairman of the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers.

President & Secretary of the Osprey Sea Angling Club based in Pembroke Dock.

Chairman of Pembroke and District Angling Club.

Secretary, Membership Officer, Press Officer & Standing Committee Delegate for European Federation of Sea Anglers, Welsh Section.

Training Officer for the Pembrokeshire Federation of Angling Coaches

W.F.S.A. representative on the Skomer Marine Nature Reserve Committee and The Clean Coasts Steering Group.

Level 2 Coach and Level 3 Coach Educator & Assessor in Angling.

Recreational Sea Angling representative on the Welsh Fisheries Marine Advisory Group.

Team 4th & Top Welsh Angler - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Wicklow, November 1997.

Team & Individual Bronze - E.F.S.A. Home International Shore Championships - Ballybunion, Kerry, May 1998.

Captain Wales 'B' Team - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Tenby, Pembrokeshire, November 1998.

Team Bronze - E.F.S.A. Home International Shore Championships - Pevensey Bay, Sussex, June 1999.

4th Newcomer & Top Welsh Angler - E.F.S.A. European Line Class(8lb) Championships - Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Sept. 1999.

Top Welsh Angler winning the Continental Cup & Gold Medal, 3rd Newcomer in the Abu Trophy & 2nd Executive Team Member in the Fishing Gazette Trophy - E.F.S.A. European Boat Championships - Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Sept. 1999

Team 6th - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Langeland, Denmark, November 1999.

Team Bronze - E.F.S.A. Home Internationals - Talacre, North Wales, March 2000.

Welsh A Team member & 2nd Executive Team Member in the Fishing Gazette Trophy - E.F.S.A. European Boat Championships - Weymouth, Dorset, Sept. 2000

Top Welsh Angler & Individual 12th,Team 4th - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Domburg, Holland, October 2000.

3rd Bronze Pin Winner & Pairs Winner - E.F.S.A. Wales Spring Boat Championships - Milford Haven, April 2001.

Boat Winner - W.F.S.A. Welsh International Team Qualifiers - Milford Haven, April 2001.

Welsh A Team member - E.F.S.A. European Boat Championships - Cahersiveen, Kerry, Eire, September 2001.

Team 4th - E.F.S.A.European Shore Championships - Gibraltar, November 2001

Individual 5th - E.F.S.A. Wales Cod Championships - Penarth, November 2001.

1st & Gold Pin Winner - Boat Wins Both Days - E.F.S.A. Wales Winter Boat Championships - Menai Bridge, North Wales, December 2001.

Team 4th - E.F.S.A. Home International Shore Championships - Ballybunion, Kerry, May 2002.

Qualified for the W.F.S.A. Welsh International Boat Squad - Caernarfon, June 2002 & Swansea, July 2002.

Welsh A Team Member, Two Boat Wins & 6th in Team of Two - E.F.S.A. European Boat Championships - Stavanger, Norway, August 2002.

Welsh B Team member - E.F.S.A.European Shore Championships - Bray, Co. Wicklow, Eire, October 2002

Team Bronze - E.F.S.A.European Cod Championships - East Ferry, Co. Cork, Eire, November 2002

Team Dark Bronze - Home Internationals - Weymouth, May 2003.

1st & Gold Pin Winner, Heaviest Fish, Heaviest Daily Catch and Pairs - E.F.S.A. Wales Tope Festival, Tenby, June 2003.

Team 5th & individual 15th - E.F.S.A. European Flatfish Championships - Ostend, Belgium, July 2003.

Welsh A Team Captain & Top Welsh Angler(38th) - E.F.S.A. European Boat Championships - Stromness, Orkney, August 2003.

Team Silver Medal & Individual 8th - E.F.S.A. British Isles Championships - Chesil Beach, Dorset, October 2003.

Team 4th & Welsh B Team Captain - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Tenby, Pembrokeshire, November 2003.

Individual 6th & 2nd in pairs - E.F.S.A. Wales Cod Championships - Penarth, November 2003.

5th Individual - E.F.S.A. Wales Shore Championships - Swansea, December 2003.

Team 4th, Individual 8th & 3rd in pairs - E.F.S.A. British Isles Shore Championships - Pwllheli, N. Wales, March 2004.

2nd & Silver Pin Winner - E.F.S.A. Wales Spring Boat Championships - Milford Haven, April 2004.

Qualified for the Welsh International Boat Squad - Weymouth June 2004 & Milford Haven July 2004.

Welsh A Team Member - E.F.S.A. European Boat Championships and Boat Winner 1st Day - E.F.S.A. European Light Line Championships - Cahersiveen, Kerry, Eire, August 2004.

Team Silver - E.F.S.A. British Isles Shore Championships - Chesil Beach, October 2004.

Team Silver - E.F.S.A. European Species (Cod) Championships - Penarth, Wales, November 2004.

6th Individual, 2nd in Pairs & Team of 4 - E.F.S.A. Wales Cod Championships - River Mersey, November 2004.

Team Silver - S.A.L.C. Home Internationals - Arbroath, Scotland, May 2005.

Qualified for the 2006 Welsh International Boat Squad – Weymouth June 2005 & Milford Haven July 2005.

13th Individual & Welsh B Team Member - E.F.S.A. British Isles Shore Championships - Bray, Co. Wicklow, Eire, June 2005.

Top Welsh Angler - E.F.S.A. European Boat Championships - Helsingor, Denmark, August 2005.

Top Welsh Angler, runner up Top Overseas Angler & Individual 13th - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Gibraltar, 2005.

5th Individual, 2nd in Pairs - E.F.S.A. Wales Cod Championships - River Mersey, November 2005.

National Team Silver, 3rd Overseas Angler, Top Welsh Angler & 11th Individual - E.F.S.A. European Species (Cod) Championships, Dover, England - December, 2005.

Team 4th & Boat Winner 1st Day, E.F.S.A. European Species (Cod) Championships, Kilmore Quay, April 2006.

Individual 7th, Team 4th, Captain of Wales B, Gold Medal & Winner of the pairs – E.F.S.A. British Isles Championships, Dover, June 2006.

Team Dark Bronze – S.A.L.C. Home Internationals – Kilmore Quay, July 2006.

Qualified for the 2007 Welsh International Boat Squad – Caernarfon, June 2006 & Milford Haven July 2006.

Welsh B Team Captain, Gold Medal Winner for Longest Flatfish - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships – Wexford, Eire, November 2006.

Individual 10th, Day 1 Winner & International Team (Wales B) Gold, E.F.S.A. British Isles Shore Championships, Ballyvaughan, Clare, Eire, April 2007.

Represented Wales at the World Championships – Blankenberg, Belgium, September 2007.

Welsh B Team Member - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Pwllheli, Gwynedd, Wales, November 2007.

12th Individual, 3rd in Pairs - E.F.S.A. Wales Cod Championships – River Mersey, December 2007.

Welsh Team Manager & Member and Heaviest Dab Trophy - E.F.S.A. European Species (Flatfish) Championships – Ostend, Belgium, May 2008.

Welsh B Team Captain, 3rd in 3 Man Team & 5th highest fish points scorer - E.F.S.A. British Isles Shore Championships, Carmarthen, Wales, May 2008.

Qualified for the 2009 Welsh International Boat Squad – Milford Haven July 2008.

Welsh Team Captain- E.F.S.A. European Light Line & Boat Championships – Cobh, Cork, Eire, August 2008.

Pembroke Haven Motor Boat Angling Club Champion Angler 2008

EFSA Wales Shore Champion & Gold Pin Winner, EFSA Wales Shore Championships, West Wales, December, 2008.

Team Bronze – S.A.L.C. Home Internationals – Scrabster, May 2009.

Team Bronze, Welsh Team Manager, Captain & Individual 11th - E.F.S.A. European Species (Conger) Championships – Plymouth, May 2009

Welsh A Team, National & 4 man Team Bronze - E.F.S.A. British Isles Shore Championships, Dover, Kent, August 2009

7th Individual, 3rd in the Team of 2, Top Welsh Angler & Team 6th - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Langeland, Denmark, November 2009.

Welsh Cod Champion & Gold Pin winner- E.F.S.A. Wales Cod Championships – River Mersey, December 2009.

Wales Air Ambulance Open Winner, Heaviest Bag & Fish, Amroth Beach, Pembrokeshire, January 2010.

EFSA Wales Shore Runner up & Silver Pin Winner, EFSA Wales Shore Championships, West Wales, January, 2010

WFSA South Wales Region Open Winner, Pendine, Carmarthenshire. January 2010.

Longest Flatfish, Day 2 & Overall, EFSA Ireland Winter Beach Championships, Kilmuckridge, Wicklow, Eire, January 2010.

Team Silver, Welsh A Team Captain, 8th Individual, 3 Man Gold Medal, 2 & 4 Man Silver Medals - E.F.S.A. British Isles Shore Championships, Valentia Island, Kerry, Eire, July 2010

Welsh A Team Captain E.F.S.A. European Species (Bream) Championships – Albufeira, Portugal, September 2010

Wales A Team Gold (European Champions) - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Pwllheli, Wales, November 2010.

EFSA Wales Shore third & Bronze Pin Winner, EFSA Wales Shore Championships, West Wales, March, 2011.

Wales A Team Bronze - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Kilmuckridge, Eire, April 2011.

Welsh Boat Team Manager & Captain - World Championships within the World Games (once every 4 years) Livorno, Italy, September 2011

Wales A Team 4th, 2nd in Team of 4 - E.F.S.A. British Isles Shore Championships, Carmarthen, Wales, October 2011.

Selected for Welsh team to fish the World Championships in France September 2012

Qualified, at Welsh Trials for Welsh Boat Squad for 2013

Individual 6th, Wales A Team Silver and Silver in Team of Three - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Akureyri, Iceland, September 2012.

Welsh Boat Team Manager, Boat Winner day 1 & Team 7th, ahead of England (9th) for the first time ever - World Championships, Setubal, Portugal, September 2013.

Welsh A Team Captain E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Zeeland, Holland, November 2013

Team Silver, 4 Man Team (Light Line), Welsh Team captain & Manager - E.F.S.A. EuropeanBoat & Light Linbe Championships - Weymouth, Dorset, September 2014.

Wales A Team member - E.F.S.A. European Shore Championships - Pwllheli, Wales, November 2014

Welsh Cod Champion & Gold Pin Winner - E.F.S.A. Wales Cod championships, River Mersey, December 2014

EFSA Wales Shore Runner up & Silver Pin Winner, EFSA Wales Shore Championships, West Wales, December, 2014

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